ongoing raffles

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How many raffles take place each month?

A total of 5 Open Head NFT raffles take place monthly. One every week, and one mega raffle every month.

How do they work?

We allocate at least 50% of Open Head NFT project earnings to our monthly raffles and 10% of project earnings to the weekly raffles. Then it’s up to you to win them!

What do you mean by project earnings?

Open Head NFT project earnings refer to all funds generated from royalties collected during each secondary market sale.

What are the royalties?

Due to our raffle system, we collect 10% royalties in the case of every secondary market sale.

What does on-chain mean?

By on-chain, we refer to Open Head NFT raffles being 100% hosted in the blockchain using our proprietary Smart Contracts. This means that our raffles are immutable and anyone can execute them, ensuring project longevity and rug-proofing!

Hmm, how do I know I can trust your Smart Contracts?

Every one of our Smart Contracts has been independently audited by Solidity Finance. You can read the audit here to check for yourself how amazing and secure our system is!

Is the pot secured?

Of course! Raffle prize funds are accessible ONLY by our independently audited smart contracts – not even our dev team has access to them!

If I hold multiple Open Head NFTs, do I increase my chances of winning a raffle?

Yes, each Open Head NFT equates to a single raffle entry ticket – the more of our awesome NFTs you hold, the higher your chances of winning!

When are your monthly raffles held?

They are triggered on a random day each month, and announced via our social channels – so make sure you follow and keep an eye on those!

When are your weekly raffles held?

Each week, there will be a trait selection made by our Smart Contract to determine Open Head NFTs eligible for the raffle. Later that week, a winner will be selected by our Smart Contract from the pool of NFTs that feature eligible traits for that weekly raffle.

How is the weekly raffle pool kept balanced?

As we have very rare traits, our Smart Contract will ensure that the weekly pool of eligible NFTs remains above 333 by choosing a sufficient amount of eligible traits.

Do I need to do anything else?

Not at all, we love to keep things simple for you! Each Open Head NFT is automatically entered into and can potentially win our raffles!


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Who won the 33 ETH raffle?

The Open Head NFT 33 ETH raffle was executed on April 16th, and the winner was 0x52C8f5545a451ba476070B13150f444706889fDd, holding NFT #1143. A round of applause for that lucky Open Head holder!

How did it work?

Every time an Open Head NFT was minted, 0.01 ETH was transferred to the raffle pot.

Were the funds secured?

Of course! The 33 ETH raffle funds were only accessible by our independently audited Smart Contract – not even our dev team has access to them!

What now?

The 33 ETH raffle marked the very start of the Open Head NFT project. Now, we look to continue providing thrilling on-chain weekly and monthly raffles, as well as proceeding to launch the next elements of the Open Head NFT roadmap.